Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winter or Spring?

Well, considering the weather these days I'm not sure what time of year it is......but I do know that usually come spring time I start buckling down for precontest prep. So if its winter as mother nature seems to tell us then I'm in the clear for a few more weeks and sanity. However, I am looking forward to the warmer weather and even welcome my diet and early morning cardio. It refocuses me and gets me back on track. So soon the journey begins for this years Nationals and for that top spot once again. I have been trying to put a bit more size on my shoulders and arms and training heavy all off season. I'll be striving for that pro card but so will 44 other girls.............who will it be this year? I am also planning on heading down to Cleveland 2 weeks after nationals to experience an american stage and judging as well as compete for the only other pro card Canadians can qualify for. So stayed tuned as I will update you on my contest prep.......................HUGS!