Friday, October 30, 2009

Nearly Hallow's Eve!

Yikes, I can't believe I've left this post unspoken for for so long.....okay maybe I can. I know, I know, what in the world could be sooooo important that I haven't updated my blog. Well, you know when your plate loses a few tasks you tend to throw more on right, Yep, that's me. So here I am trying to keep pace with the world and myself for that matter. I has been a month since the Olympia, what an event. There are so many fit people there that feed my inspiration and determination to continue on in this sport of figure.

I don't know if you can ever have a enough pics with pros! Jay Culter, Gina Aliotti, Jenny Lynn, Monica Brandt, Branch Warren, just to name a few. I tend to laugh at myself sometimes as they are just human right! Wrong they have stepped on the Olympia stage which makes them an Olympic Legend! It's funny when people who are not involved in this industry have no idea when you speak these names or talk about the Olympia at times I am beside myself thinking WHAT! You don't know what the Olympia is. But as soon as I mention Arnold they all seem recall those Iconic days. I wonder was that a different era then has the world of bodybuilding changed and if so has it been for the better?

Enough rambling about that.........................the Olympia is always full of excitement, events and TONS of samples. At least this year we kept it to a minimum. Last year we brought back an entire duffle bag full and we still going through some the products right up until this years Olympia. So we decided that this was not necessary this year. It was an interesting figure competition this year last years winner Jennifer Gates was not in attendance so the title was up for grabs. Most people thought Gina Aliotti would be taking it this year but Nicole Wilkins came out of no where and took the title. It was really close and as we all know this sport is very subjective and it comes down to a few fine things between placings. I was stoked that Jay got back his title and MUCH deserve guy the looked amazing and who saw Branch pulling up to second place, I don't think anyone called that one! I have some great pics to post and will do that soon.

As for myself and where I have been...................still working steady at the online course development and trying to find time to train. With the days shorter it seems like there is less hours in the day. My priorities have shifted a bit for now as I am dedicating most of my time to work and family and trying to squeeze in those supersets and cardio when I can. It's funny when I get into onseason mode it seems like a light switch, with a flick I am on track and prepping for a show. It's a bit of a nice break right now having the flexibility in my training and having the opportunity to try different training styles. When I'm onseason I always train heavy and usually 5 days a week and each day takes about 1.5 hours. Now I can train with supersets or circuits and find myself in and out of the gym in an hour weights and cardio included! Sometimes I feel like I haven't done anything well at least til my muscles tell me otherwise the next.

I hope you are all excited for Halloween, I know I am. It has been a while since I dressed up and a friend is having a party this weekend and my costume is great! You'll have to wait to see pics as I don't want to spill it just yet. Oh and of course let's not forget all thee little chocolates the kids bring home............................hmmmm.....nothing beats chocolate and PB! Hey we all need some sanity once in a while right?

Well Happy Halloween and I'll fill you in soon the festivities this weekend!