Monday, December 2, 2013

Krack Klassic OH MY!

So what is NEW you say?! Well if you follow me on FB or Twitter or my FB Athlete page you would be up to date! BUT, in case you have missed out I will fill you in!

Busy as a bee.....between teaching fulltime, putting together some wicked Krackalicious Clothing, keeping a family organized, running a 12 week Online Ladies Fit & Athletic Program as well as aiding in contest prep for individuals the last thing I needed was to add one more thing right? WELL, nope! I was so excited to hear that my bid to have a NEW BCABBA event this spring was one by me! Yes I will be promoting a bodybuilding, physique, fitness, figure & bikini competition in New Westminster next year. I am beyond excited to continue to be a part of this sport and to give back to this organization as it has done for me all these years. SO, if you want more info then visit my site here KRACK KLASSIC MARCH 1, 2014 OR you can join the event page on FB HERE. I will up try to keep both of these pages up to date as much as possible with Athlete info and Sponsors! Along with promoting this event I will be offering a Female Athlete Sponsorship which is also available for download on my site! More details to come as keeping up with blogging is busy work.....maybe I'll do more Vlogging instead?!

Either way I will make sure the word is out there and you are informed! Lastly, I will announce my future shows for 2014 as I start to iron out a few details and get all my ducks in line but I promise that my 2014 season will go down with a few shows and wicked routines. The womens' Physique Division is shaping up to be a competitive one and will be jumping in the saddle and hitting the Pro stages hard!

Stay in touch, much LOVE XOXOXO