Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fit & Athletic ~ Krackalicious Style

SO what is NEW & happening in the Krack World! Yes, I know no new blogs lately! I am sorry! So much has happened! You can keep up with me on my Facebook Athlete Page I will keep you up to date as to what is happening...such as an IFBB PRO card WIN to my debut to what new programs I am coming out with! SUCH AS...........
The Fit & Athletic ~ Krackalicious Style 12 Week Online Program
This program is NOT a weightloss challenge but whatever your goals are! We work together to design you a cardiovascular & weight training program as well as a nutrition plan to reach your goals! The early bird Deadline is Dec.22nd and I am ONLY accepting 20 ladies! Sorry guys! The program begins Jan.12, 2013! You can email me at buffmums@hotmail.com for more information! 
Train Hard & Stay Beautiful XO

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's Beautiful?

Female athletes, you & me! I am the definition of a female athlete and I'm going to prove it to Under Armour! Want to join me?

If you haven't been following or heard already I have added another competition to my plate! The Under Armour Challenge! I'm excited to be involved in this and to keep on track with my goals. Sorry boys this is a GIRLS ONLY competition! Anyone can enter, you can enter even now! Pick a goal you want to achieve & push ahead to achieve it! Join me in this FUN challenge. Stay motivated while seeking inspiration as well as inspiring other women out there to do the same!

Check out my first challenge & follow me on my journey, click link below:

Some FUN pics I did while in Whistler!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Switch

As I sit here and write this I am officially 4 days into my contest prep for the CBBF Figure Nationals, so that means I have now past 16 weeks out. What does that mean you say? Well 16 weeks for me is my "switch" this is when I put my game face on and begin the journey to the national stage once again. Although I have been cleaning up my diet and training prior to that for some reason it isn't until I officially hit my 16 weeks out that my switch goes on and I focus 110% onto my prep. From every cardio session, each weight training session and prepping all of my 6 meals a day I ensure that I am doing what my body needs to conform to the best physique it can! You may say, "16 weeks?". Yes, this is what I feel I need to prepare in a healthy way and gradually drop the weight I need to. It can definitely be a roller coaster ride and my body has moments of resistance along the way but it's these times that I know give me the greatest rewards in the end when I have pushed through them to accomplish my goal. So here I go again, this will be my 10th competition and my 6th National show, so this ain't my first rodeo but I can guarantee you it won't be my last. Hang on tight and let's enjoy the ride together! 

 Train Hard & Stay Strong! Michelle