Monday, September 6, 2010

The end of a Journey.................

WOW, what a crazy 2 weeks it has been. A whirlwind of travel, training, airports, hotels, food and most importantly time spent primping and beautifying. In the last 11 days I have flown all the way to east coast not only once but TWICE! I was thinking that I may have overcome my fear of flying but as I type this the plane is bouncing all over the place and I have had to stop typing to literally hold down my laptop. So maybe some of those butterflies are still there!

So since I have flown back and forth twice now I have had the joy or at least I know I will, as I can feel it coming on, of experiencing cankless! HA. Some of you say WHAT? Yup, that’s right cankles. If you have ever competed before you know this feeling. Post-competition water retention. Your ankles begin to swell and you can’t seem to tell the difference between where your calf ends and your ankle starts! I am beginning to feel my skin tighten and my feet feel heavy, yikes!!!! Flight attendant more water please. I find it’s been even worse with all this flying.

Speaking of! I brought my best physique to the stage. I wanted to be leaner and tighter than any other show and this is exactly what happened. Hany kicked my butt this season and variety of cardio from track work to intervals and stairclimber plus a combination of training my hams and glutes at least twice a week to really be ready. I placed 2nd in my class which is 4 spots up from last year. It looks like I may have been a tad bit too lean in the legs so I will have to tone it down a bit for next year but at least I have a guideline to work from. After talking with Hany he thought heading to Cleveland for the North American Championships was a good idea as there are 3 shows a year in which a Canadian can qualify for their pro card at, this being one of them. Unfortunately I had to fly back home from Toronto on Sunday and fly back out Thursday to Cleveland. This probably wasn’t a great idea as my body was trying to recover from the show, training, dieting and of course the water retention. By Thursday I was able to get my body back to normal to pull it in for the show.

After a LONG day of travel Thursday I was totally exhausted...........the Chicago is an insane airport and I had 1.5 hour delay there..............I ended up traveling for nearly 14 hours by the time I got to the hotel!!!! Nevertheless, I felt good and ready after resting most of the day Friday. However, my fate turned out to fall into 13th place. Much too my disappointment I certainly did not expect this. However, I felt that perhaps I was a bit too lean coming into this show. Have been given the feedback from Canadians to tone down my legs a bit then I should have been a bit softer for this show. Looking back at some of the pictures I can see that maybe my Ronnie Coleman vein was a bit to prominent for the judges liking! Nevertheless, I am proud of the package I brought to both of these shows. Tighter and leaner than I have ever been before! I had an amazing time met some great people and of course enjoyed some yummy food!

Here is a pic back stage of the girls I roomed with, the stunning Lil K and gorgeous Getto M! MUAH! Thanks ladies for all your support!!

So where do I go from here you ask? Good question! There is always much on my plate, remember I have A type personality! So its onward and upward to the next challenge. My future is full of many more exciting things not necessarily competing the next few months, time to switch things up! Oh, no I am NOT quitting competing by any means, just time for a break, time to focus on other responsibilities like work, family and few little projects I like to follow through on....................stay tuned!

Thank-you for riding along on my journey this year competing and the obstacles, challenges, highs and lows I have had. I appreciate all your support, encouragement and emails. Keep them coming as you are what keeps me motivated to be an inspiration! I am inspired to inspire!

Stay strong & Train Hard!