Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Technical Difficulty!

Well hello....... much to my dismay, as you may have already found, my website has been down for quite some time. I was in the process of switching over webmasters which took a little while for things to get sorted out! WHEW! But here I am with much to catch you up on.

Where do I start? Well, school is almost finished, well for those who aren't in summer school, we'll get to that in a bit. The weather took a turn down the drain. While we were stuck in a hot stuffy school forcing students to stay focused for the last couple of weeks and now it decides to rain, bummer!

With exams finishing up and the last few details and boxes for me to pack up I am looking forward to some quality time at home and focus back on my training...............WAIT a minute................................summer school??? Oh ya almost forgot, I will be working over the summer. I took an online teaching position til August, yup, 1 week before nationals, can you say crazy at least thats what my students might be calling me by then. I'm pretty excited though as this is another new adventure for me in my path as a teacher especially considering I will tackling Chemistry 11 & 12. It doesn't seem to matter how much we can't wait til we have free time because we will always fill up our plates again with another task, right? Well, thats my life!

Training is going great! I am right on track and feeling good, well most days ;) It doesn't matter how often or how early I get up each day it is still a struggle to drag my hiney to the ellipitcal. But I see results everyday, tighter legs and glutes, veins in the shoulders, they rock, and then the chiseled pack of abs that begin to peek through. It is nearly 7 weeks away and I am totally pumped to be back on stage.

I told you I would keep you uptodate as to where my training was but the best I can do is tell you that cardio is at 1hour and 15min 6x/week, weights 5x/week and diet is about 1400 calories. Suprisingly, the diet has been really good. I haven't had too many cravings other than that once a month want to dive into a bag of chocolate chip cookies and I'll take anyone out who stands in my way, you know what I mean. But other than that all is GREAT! In case you are wondering I was able to hang on with my willpower!

I hope that you are all keeping up with your fitness, staying healthy, fit and strong. Summer is HERE, so stay on track and eat clean, but do enjoy that well deserved treat as a reward once in a while.

Cheers, Michelle

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