Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 23, 2007

Well, as most of you know I am in full swing with my pre-contest prep! 8 weeks to go.............! The prep for this show has been a much different experience than my last show. Let's just say that I enjoyed the off-season a little too much! I am definitely paying for that now. I guess you have to learn for yourself, even though my coaches gave me full warning. But really who doesn't LOVE food, especially around Christmas. So I have learnt my lesson and will be prepared post competition this time! Right now I'm training about 3 hours/day. 1.5 hours Cardio and 1.5 weights, at the gym 3 times a day. Yes, it's a little crazy..........I pretty much live there and will do so for the next 8 weeks. July 21st is the BIG day, coaches (Lara and Darren Toma) have been workin' hard to reshape me back to stage ready! My focus is improving my physique from my first show as we all know there is always room for improvement. As along as I train hard I know I will have no regrets! I appreciate all of your support as this sport can be VERY demanding from eating, training, sleeping and trying to find family time. It's all about balance and being prepared! THANK-YOU..............stay fit, healthy and strong!

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