Friday, July 4, 2008

Way Too Long!

Well, who knew 9 months could come and go so quickly. Does anyone really ever read these things? WHEW!

Well, it is now only 5 weeks away from Canadian Nationals. I'm training hard, well as hard as I can with my diet and cardio draining me most days. But overall, I'm happy with my progress. This on-season has been a much better ride than last year! I only have about 10 lbs to go which will give me planty of time to load properly for Nationals. I want my physique to be even better than BC's to hopefully again take the top spot..................dreaming of my first pro keep your fingers crossed.
I have been crazy busy trying to juggle family, personal training clients, 5am & 7pm cardio and my Bachelor of Education, to teach Physics and PE at the secondary level. Hence, my delay in writing this blog. Sometimes I wonder where I find all the time to fit everything in. It's funny how you manage to just work everything out, I have to be prepared going into each new day. Meals prepped and placed in my rather large cooler, extra clothes and school books packed. My load is quite heavy and I get many stares walking into the classroom with my cooler in hand. I just laugh as I whip out my chicken and rice as the teacher lectures. Let's just say that I tend to get many questions about the cooler.
Back in May I had the opportunity to go to Kelowna to cheer on some friends at the Westerns. Both of them did very well and I was excited to sit out in the audience and cheer them on. They did amazing and I am so proud of them! Tracey(blonde hair) competed in both the Figure Masters and Figure Tall and Laurie competed in Figure Tall, she placed 3rd and will be prepping for the 2009 BC's, so look out!
As I retire for the evening I apologize for the extended delay and hope to keep you updated as Nationals nears.
Goodnight & Sweet Dreams ;)

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