Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Massage Warning!

Okay, so you might be thinking massage warning what's this all about...........................I've caught your attention, right?

Well, most of us love a good massage especially at a spa were the mood is just right and relaxing. Someone touching and massage your tense muscles from a long day, yes we have all been there. But have I got a different story for you.

I have been seeing a registered massage therapist for the past 3 years and she is awesome. I wouldn't dream of visiting anyone else but this past month she decided to take a job opportunity in the Congo looking after Gorillas, I mean really how dare she! I am 4 weeks from my show and she deserts me! For monkeys? Anyways, she of course referred me to another individual and stated that she wouldn't recommended anyone else. Okay, alright whats a girl to do. I mean I have 3 weeks to go now and my body is starting to seize up. I have to see someone. So I booked in and off I went. Of course, the location was not at a day spa but a REAL clinic, so no dark lighting or steam room, bummer. Upon meeting the therapist he was very friendly and informative. He ran me through the usual questions before getting started. He seemed very knowlegable and began working out the knots in my back. I do love that ouch it hurts but still feels good pain so I knew he was doing something right. But I began to wonder as he worked on my arms, specifically my triceps. Again there was that ouch it hurts but feels good pain but then it morphed into oh my god my arm is gonna burst. Do you or don't you say something? There's like this phobia we have of saying the pressure is too hard, you know what I'm talking about, you've done it! Why are we hesitant on telling someone to ease up a bit? Do we think we might offend them? Well perhaps that's what was going through my head, or maybe it was empty due to the lack of glucose my brain needs to function with and eventually my brain couldn't tell the difference between a good or bad pain, if there is such a thing. Either way I'm not sure what happened but my massage was finished and as I stood up to walk out I felt like my whole body was detoxing and going through a state of shock. What just happened. So what's my point right? Well as the day progressed slowly welts and bruises began to form on my triceps, not pretty! Oh and painful!

So this is my warning to those of you how enjoy a deep tissue massage once and a while. Make sure your not afraid to tell the therapist when the pressure is too much. Trust me your body will thank-you!

Anyways, hopefully, the damage done will be gone in time for the show or perhaps the protan will cover it up!

UPDATE: Training is going.......................I'm starting to get pretty sluggish and tired these days but I'm feeling really good about where I'm at and excited to bring my best package to the stage yet!

11 days and counting! Your support means everything!
Love Michelle

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