Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So what happened?

Well, the last few weeks have been CRAZY! With competing in 2 shows in 2 weeks and then back to school I feel like summer wasn't even here. I guess there are pros and cons to dieting over the summer. You look great in a bikini but then you miss out on the wonderful BBQ's and summer festivities.

Alright, alright so let's get to what happened at the shows right? Well, this was the BEST contest prep ever! I felt like I came in the best shape I have ever looked. Balanced symmetry & lean, but it wasn't what the judges were looking for. As we know with this sport it is so subjective that you never know what will happen. SO what did happen........................I placed 6th in my class, which was much to my suprise, my coaches suprise and several others. So each time I compete I take what I have done and learnt to develop and improve for the next show. But in order to do that I needed feedback from the judges so I could work hard and bring it even better next year. This is the frustrating part...............................the judges couldn't give me anything constructive. I heard comments like "you looked amazing and have what it takes to be at the top, keep training hard". This comment tells me just put in your time and you'll be rewared. Another comment was "your muscle mass is the same as others but because you are tall you appear bigger so you should downsize", really? If I downsize will the other judge not like my look? So you can see my predicament! What does one do to prep for next year? I think at this point all you can do is trust your coach and your instinct of how you like to look. I feel my size and porportion is balanced, other than maybe more shoulder cap, my routine will be looking at maintaining what I have.

So with that experience I decided to head to Cleveland, Ohio for the North American Championships. This show includes competitors from Canada, USA and Mexico. Not really knowing what the look was for these judges and never having done a show outside of Canada my expectations weren't much. I wanted to go for the experience, practice and exposure.

The trip was a quick turn around getting in at midnight thursday and then leaving 7am sunday so I didn't really get to see much of Cleveland, all in all, I believe I stepped outside for a total of 30min!! The hotel was beautiful very old and the staff were more than accomodating and friendly. The hotel sits right above the mall which had an amazing Cookie store which I ended up visiting several times.

Friday was prepping and relaxing and then the show was on saturday. I couldn't believe the number of competitors. The show was so long, it was good to have our hotel in the same building as the event so I could relax in my room for a bit.

There were about 18 girls in my class and when they did the first call-outs I had butterflies in my stomach. Whe they called my number I was so excited! I really couldn't believe it. So as it turned out I placed 4th and had the biggest smile on my face!

So I guess I can say that I am 6th in Canada and 4th in North America, not really sure how that makes sense, LOL!!

So now I am back to work fulltime wondering how the summer flew by me. I am focusing on my new position with the school district and redeveloping some online courses. Should fun, interesting and hopefully not too stressful. I will fit my training in when I can incorporating more of a circuit style for now to minize my time at the gym.

I hope you are all well and keeping up with the fast pace of life, take time for yourself & breathe,
talk soon,

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