Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 days to go.............................

Well it is almost here! I can't believe it. It's kind of bitter sweet, like I can't wait for it but then in an odd way I don't want to come to an end yet!

These next 3 days are so crucial, it will determine how I look on that stage. Yes, today is my final cardio but there is still tweaking needed with diet and water thereafter. I only get one chance up there and I need to hit my peak perfectly, the total package needs to be ON! It's not over till I stand tall saturday night.

I can not explain to you how different this prep has been for me. It has definitely lead me on roller coaster of emotional and physical pain. I did not exactly welcome these with open arms but I can now look back and realize that each time I experienced these moments I reminded myself about getting back up and keep on going. Remember that life is not about the obstacles we face but about how we persevere through them and create our own path to our goals and our success.

This journey has not been with out much support from AMAZING family and friends! You all know who you are! Having your encouragement has kept me striving to be the best. To be an inspiration and motivator in your goals and your life! To you I owe much gratitude, I would not be here without you!

Well as I begin my final cardio to sweat burn any final flaws that have hung on til now, stubborn guys, I will think back to the beginning and what I have accomplished thus far and focus on what I need to do these next few days to reach my ultimate goal!

Much Love & Appreciation!

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Maria said...

I have watched you through this journey and often wonder if I will ever have the commitment and dedication that you have..your an inspiration to me and I will never forget the amazing journey we had together...and many more to come...Best of luck my friend the pro card is waiting!
Big Hugs